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a variety of Arctic fox having a pale grey winter coat

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The system will help pool owners to ensure safety of their children," Heinz Ruchti- CEO, Blue Fox, told Khaleej Times.
The Elite League champions, in their debut European campaign, went into the 'winner takes all' clash buoyed by a 5-4 victory over Amsterdam Tigers and a 2-2 tie with Herning Blue Fox of Denmark.
Simpson, 32, played in Denmark last season for the Herning Blue Fox, appearing in seven games.
The Grand Slam winners will face hosts Mulhouse Scorpions of France, Dutch outfit Amsterdam Tigers and Herning Blue Fox of Denmark - coached by former Slough Jets forward Ulrik Larsen - in the second round, which will be held between October 14 and 16.
The dilute variety of American Silver Fox, the Blue Fox, was seen so rarely it was dropped from the list of recognized breeds.
1 Software licensing business of CAD software reseller Blue Fox Enterprises NV for an undisclosed sum.
Post-Cryogenic Biochemical Comparison of Spermatozoa Membranes Isolated Blue Fox and Silver Fox.
Alan Winkler's dream of a rural gay utopia ended abruptly October 7, when he arrived at the 75-acre site of the Blue Fox, a retreat for gay men he'd been building in Grundy County, Tenn.
A new British airline called Blue Fox is expected to start services in 2002.
The following intersections have been identified as possible candidate locations: 1) Montevideo at Davona; 2) Montevideo at Toby; 3) Montevideo at Broadmoor; 4) Montevideo at Torreon; 5) Montevideo at Colima; 6) Davona at Westchester; 7) Davona at Pine Valley; 8) Davona at Westwood; 9) Davona at Blue Fox Way; 10) Broadmoor at Millbridge; 11) Broadmoor at Belle Mead (N); 12) Broadmoor at Pine Valley; 13) Broadmoor at Belle Mead (S); 14) Broadmoor at Westchester; 15) Thunderbird at Burning Tree; 16) Pine Valley at Del Mar; 17) Pine Valley at Thunderbird; 18) Broadmoor at Ascot; and 19) Thunderbird Dr.
They reveal how children would be invited to his estate and how Jackson, who used the code-name Blue Fox, would take them way and abuse them with their parents often just feet away.
His code name was Blue Fox He watched porn with young boys in private bedroom behind secret wall at Neverland ranch Marlon Brando said: 'What the hell's he doing with those kids?
37 305m 1 Endova Rossi (G Oswald, Unatt) 2 Vatican Stein (P J Rosney, Unatt) 3 Blue Fox Warrior (A J Grewcock) 4 Ballymac Mozart (m) (R J Thompson, Pelaw) 5 Alfies Options (m) (D Childs, Unatt) 6 Bransa Bob (m) (R Thomas, Kinsly) 21.
ARRIVES from Herning Blue Fox in Denmark having previously had spells at top-league clubs in Sweden, Germany and Austria.
On other explorations, you might stumble upon Munro's Books, a store with several shelves devoted to Canadian history, art and political figures; Murchie's, which serves an impressive afternoon tea that is often missed by visitors flocking to the Empress' famed spread; the Blue Fox, a warm, sunny cafe renowned for its breakfast (a Canadian staple, smoked salmon Benedict, is on the menu, of course); and Cafe Brio, a charming restaurant with a regional-cuisine philosophy - which means plenty of selections from that big ocean to the west.