Rocky Mountain spotted fever

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Synonyms for Rocky Mountain spotted fever

caused by rickettsial bacteria and transmitted by wood ticks

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Roberts said 16 members from Blue Fever - the runners-up at The Score contest - will be taking part in the concert.
The concert will also see participation from the a-cappella classical Cantus choir and the more jazzy a-cappella singers Blue Fever. Tickets of Dh50 are being are sold at Spinneys, Khalidiyah.
SKY BLUE FEVER I'm feeling sick in my stomach, But it's not from a dodgy bacon batch, I get this now on a regular basis, Always after watching Coventry City in a match.
The choirs include the Dubai Vocal Ensemble, Dubai Singers and Dubai Chamber Choir, besides CANTAMUS and Blue Fever from Abu Dhabi.
Hill's men had been dubbed the Sky Blues at the start of the 62-63 season and the lyrics, by the ever-resourceful Hill and director John Camkin, to the tune of the Eton Boating Song, were compiled on the back of the heady Sky Blue fever rapidly engulfing Coventry and Warwickshire at the time.