blue daisy

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hairy South African or Australian subshrub that has daisylike flowers with blue rays

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Don't forget felicia amelloides (blue daisy), the ever popular lobelia, bacopa (snowflake) and of course the fantastic varieties of trailing fuchsias.
Brachycome - numerous blue daisy flowers with yellow centres.
Lastly, Terragraphics is introducing three new handpainted ceramic frame groupings: Blue Daisy, Green Dogwood and Yellow Magnolias.
Blue daisy dress, PS68, Oasis; straw hat, PS20, Accessorize; picnic throw, PS20, printed flask, PS16, tupperware, from PS10, striped beakers, PS12 for set of four, all Cath Kidston; straw picnic basket, PS90, Debenhams
Aster frikartii is the best of the bunch, a clear, blue daisy flower about the same colour as those old packets of French cigarettes.