blue crab

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bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America

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Release date- 12082019 - A seaside invasion of blue crabs appeared in Leigh-on-Sea last week as staff from Anglian Water and the Environment Agency painted the colourful crustaceans on the seaside town's kerbs and drain covers.
It fits within a project to integrate blue crabs part in the local culinary traditions.
Vargas said mangroves provide a habitat for blue crabs and other fish.
Blue crab females reach maximum size (>130 mm carapace width) and sexual maturity after 17-19 postlarval molts (Williams 1974, Uphoff 1998), and do not undergo additional molting during their remaining life history (Newcombe et al.
The first objective of this study was to characterize first-stage blue crab zoeal morphology and its variability across larval broods to test whether inter-brood differences in morphology exist.
The feds had been watching Casey's; the owner, James Casey, pleaded guilty to conspiring to falsely label the crabmeat as fresh Chesapeake blue crab.
This creamy-sturdy bisque is composed of baby shrimp, blue crab, cognac, sherry, cream and just the right amount of butter, broth, herbs and gentle spices.
Distribution of Octolasmis mulleri, an ectocommensal gill barnacle, on blue crab. Bull.
One example is a Blue Crab & Artichoke dish and an Artichoke & Crab Souffle.
Pamela Barefoot, founder and longtime president of specialty food company Blue Crab Bay Co.
The center works directly with blue crab, red snapper, marine shrimp, spotted seatrout and striped bass.
We measured the density of derelict crab pot (DCPs) using side-scan sonar and examined bycatch associated with DCPs in nearshore waters (depths [less than or equal to]4 m) of 6 waterbodies important to the North Carolina blue crab fishery, the state's most valued commercial fishery.
There is no better way to describe the blue crab than with its Latin name, Callinectes sapidus, which translates to "Beautiful savory swimmer." These crabs are opportunistic scavengers and also aggressive predators.
“Blue Crab Benedict”: Chilled Blue Crab Salad, English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Smoked Hollandaise
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