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the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

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For "New Media", Blue Angel mainly engages in production and assembly of new products such as solar all-in-one computers and solar energy advertising screens with the use of solar energy and LED technologies.
She's bred to get the distance and if the extra furlong is within her compass, we're hopeful of a good run." Richard Hannon, trainer of Blue Angel and Full Mandate "Full Mandate is a good filly.
For more than four decades she played roles as diverse as the cool, continental temptress Lola-Lola in Blue Angel to the hot-tempered Wild West saloon queen Frenchy in Destry Rides Again.
1918), told in a narrative style, begins with his three years spent as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II and tells how he became leader of the Blue Angels and later fought in the Korean War.
Francine Prose's well-received and popular Blue Angel is ostensibly a novel about such an ordinary soul.
Holly Aquifolium Argentea Marginata has glossy green foliage with silver edges and Holly Blue Angel has dark green foliage with a blue tinge in winter.
The end of May, beginning of June was a difficult time for Naval Aviation, culminating with the loss of Blue Angel #6, Marine Capt.
Now safety officials from the Marine Accident Investigation Board say the accident, on board the Blue Angel off the Isle of Gigha, could have been avoided.
Which American female singer fronted the 1970s rock band Blue Angel? 6.
Another China Innovation investment - Blue Angel (H.K.) Limited ("Blue Angel", formerly named SNG Hong Kong Limited - will mainly take part in the productionpart.
After listening to four days of evidence, District Judge Richard Clancy dismissed the Blue Angel's appeal against a noise abatement order issued to the Seel Street venue by Liverpool City Council last November.
He was dragged from the Blue Angel and could have been pulled down to a depth of 140ft.
Aside from being instrumental in the development of the Merseybeat scene, Williams also ran the Blue Angel Nightclub which played host to the Rolling Stones and Tom Jones.
The case, which involves an appeal against a noise abatement order issued to the Blue Angel on Seel Street, heard from council officials and a sound technician.