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the sky as viewed during daylight

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While the coordination of the safety facets of this particular exercise had been accomplished (such as Special Instructions (SPINS) and airspace deconfliction), the Carrier Air Wing was underway, making communication with our F/A-18 adversaries and blue air controllers challenging.
Borschberg tweeted back with a photo of Piccard in the cockpit and a message that the pilot -- clad in an orange flight suit, blue air mask and dark sunglasses -- was "looking great after more than 10 hours of flight".
In addition to their flights to Bucharest, Romanian low cost carrier Blue Air, started two weeks ago flying from Larnaca to Athens seven times a week and three times a week to Thessaloniki.
According to ANT1 TV, Aegean and Romania's low-cost Blue Air are keen to pick up Cyprus Airways' traffic to and from Athens, Aegean and European budget operator Ryanair want the Thessaloniki and Heraklion routes, British Airways is ready to take over the London traffic, Air France-KLM and Austrian Airlines want the Amsterdam route, Israel's El Al and Arkia both are vying for Tel Aviv, and Aegean wants the Moscow route.
Romanian low-cost carrier Blue Air said it had also submitted an expression of interest, which is a preliminary step before authorities invite binding bids.
A spokesman for budget airline BLUE AIR in Romania, said: "We have fewer passengers on UK flights compared with the same period last year.
The Tatarstan Airlines plane had previously been in service with a number of other international companies, including the Romania-based low-cost airline Blue Air from 2005 to 2008.
Leading players in China air purifiers market are Panasonic, Philips, Beijing Yadu, Sharp, Honeywell, Austin Air, IQ Air, Blue Air, Airgle, etc.
Airline Management Solutions, a company set up last month and owned by four Romanians, has acquired local low-cost carrier Blue Air for EUR 30 million, out of which EUR 28 million represents the takeover of obligations.
Other agencies looked after by Farrow Machinery, namely Delta Engineering and Blue Air Systems, will now be handled by Nigel Darvill through H.
FROM the green hue of Paddy Power day, to the blue air that follows Peter Casey around like a persistent fog.
When we see the chef on the telly he may come accompanied by more high-pitched bleeps than he has Michelin stars, but if that's what it takes to produce food as heavenly as he does, run the kitchen as efficiently as possible and keep the punters not only happy and hankering for more, then we'll put up with the blue air that follows him around.
Blue air is also responsible for following these same training rules.
But now the bare black branches and blue air are real--or rather, are depicted in a medium whose mimetic powers are very different from those that animate the shadow puppets and graphite-and-pastel drawings that comprised most of the two shows.
I flew into the Romanian capital of Bucharest on Blue Air, the low-cost airline operating from Luton Airport.