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That would fix the greedy squatter, the stupid banker, the bludging city merchant'.
She can't live too long by bludging off her friends because there becomes a limit to that, or you can live by prostitution.
The term bludging is an Australian expression meaning the laziest approach possible and was used only as a sub-construct identifier, not in the instrument.
Describe students' attitude toward teaching secondary agricultural education (ability, intrinsic career value, fallback career, job security, bludging, time for family, job transferability, shape the future of adolescents, enhance social equity, make social contribution, work with adolescents, prior teaching and learning experiences, social influences).
In common with many other Aboriginal communities, the impression is also given that Port Keats is a bludging community -- always with its hand out for money.
Some countries see us as bludging on them; on their defence shield; on their taxpayers.
Overseas, this new approach is regarded as a withdrawal into an isolationist role -- or, worse, as bludging on others' defence shields and taxpayers.
New Zealanders must understand that from the Australian point of view the conclusion is inescapable and irrefutable: New Zealand IS bludging and taking a free ride on defence courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.