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Synonyms for bludgeon

Synonyms for bludgeon

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for bludgeon

a club used as a weapon

overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club

strike with a club or a bludgeon


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Demirdjian, 21, was convicted in November 2001 of two counts of first-degree murder -- along with the special circumstances of torture and multiple murders -- for the bludgeoning deaths of Chris McCulloch, 13, and Blaine Talmo Jr.
Laughs] But we do suspect that some in the media are guilty of elevating Phelps to the level of serious critic and thereby bludgeoning the whole conservative movement with his message, which we reject.
THE killer Kennedy cousin who was jailed for bludgeoning a teenager to death has turned to creating art.
Alcala already had been charged in one of the four Los Angeles County murders - the rape and bludgeoning of Georgia Wixted, a 27-year-old Malibu nurse killed on Dec.
But unlike these other genres, industrial no longer boasts other bands worth their weight in angst, bludgeoning beats, and badly applied eyeliner.
TWO men accused of bludgeoning a couple with a metal bar in front of a 14-year-old boy appeared in court yesterday.
A fugitive playboy from Woodland Hills, charged with bludgeoning his 21-year-old Ukrainian girlfriend to death with a baseball bat, killed himself in Tijuana, officials said Tuesday.
Until recently, law enforcement rarely related serial sniper shootings or the bludgeoning, rape and murder of multiple women as the latest in a chain of escalating crimes by someone who practiced on animals first.
A WOMAN accused with her former lover of bludgeoning her husband to death is to face a retrial.
SAN BERNARDINO - Convicted killer William Floyd Zamastil pleaded guilty on Friday to the February 1978 bludgeoning murders of a Canoga Park brother and sister near Barstow.
STUDIO CITY - A transient was arrested Friday in connection with the bludgeoning death of a man he met at a gay bar, police said.