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Synonyms for bludgeon

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Synonyms for bludgeon

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

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Synonyms for bludgeon

a club used as a weapon

overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club

strike with a club or a bludgeon


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Then Will Carling's England team, having used the bludgeon very effectively to get as far as the final, decided to chuck the ball about in the final and lost to Australia, who were far better at it.
A JILTED lover bludgeoned his partner's new boyfriend to death and tried to murder her while the couple lay in bed, a court heard today.
He moves on from listening to the serious business of Bible study and how it should be approached and then to the process of "Making Decisions in the Light of the Bible." Overall he opens a path for understanding the Bible as a conveyance for God's loving Word today rather than as a cudgel with which to bludgeon those with whom we might disagree.
Dancers Ted Johnson, Darrell Jones, Angie Hauser Robinson, and Melissa Wynn used this language like a bludgeon against themselves and each other, then seemed to remember words of politesse and etiquette.
Thousands of kilometers away on Wall Street, bondholders bludgeon Cavallo for tepid budget cuts.
'I have to think of the blood and sweat I've gone through to keep them healthy and you're going to come in and bludgeon the area."'
Four of the best practice points I've tried and found true for this type of in-the-field shooting practice are Game Tracker Shockers, Zwickey Judo Points, Saunders' Bludgeon Points, and HTM Small Game Blunts.
Now, the court is the end in itself, a constant tool with which to bludgeon your opponent into submission.
If not, the report's detractors could use it to bludgeon the new democracy to death.
Quality trumps quantity for Neuqua Valley's Tom Bludgeon and Jack Bella.
NO.ONE could foresee that a mentally-ill man discharged from hospital would go on to bludgeon his mother and sister to death with an axe less than 48 hours later, a coroner has ruled.
But first they must terrorize their designated victims with interminable Germanic thoroughness, as though the killers mean to bludgeon the family - and audience - to death with sheer vacuity.
In May, Arrondo filed a lawsuit against Pilgrim's Pride and its insurance companies and adjusters for interfering with his doctor/patient relationship, alleging that the company retaliated against him for his efforts to improve working conditions at the plant, and that the defendants were trying to bludgeon him financially into compliance.
These "bludgeon injuries" appear on individuals of all ages and occur on both the left and right sides of the head, he says.
A MAN accused of helping to bludgeon two men to death claims he would not be capable of killing anybody.