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(10) This version of the bludger was most often found to 'bludge' in work, and not outside of it.
These categories were extreme, to the point that Indigenous people engaging in mainstream behaviours were sometimes not viewed as Indigenous: "I've got 3 friends that are Koori; they don't classify themselves as Koori because they prefer to work for their money, not sit down and bludge".
kalakala-nya-nyi bludge off, sponge off, take advantage of, use,
Racism because whites too commit every sort of crime, bludge merrily off the state, abuse drugs, alcohol, neglect and abuse children and indulge in every type of anti-social behaviour now straining the courts, police and welfare network to the limit.
[From the colloquial Australian "bludge," meaning to evade responsibilities or a job entailing next to no work.
Twenty-five years ago Ken Buckley wrote an article entitled `The Great Rural Bludge'.
Less formal commentators on the Australian side of the Tasman are putting it in even more brutally frank terms: that New Zealanders, quite simply, have opted to bludge or freeload on Australia's defence effort.