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kalakala-nya-nyi bludge off, sponge off, take advantage of, use,
The daughter bludges off her mother for food, meat and everything.
Racism because whites too commit every sort of crime, bludge merrily off the state, abuse drugs, alcohol, neglect and abuse children and indulge in every type of anti-social behaviour now straining the courts, police and welfare network to the limit.
Little sis Megan's clever pranks keep a heartless parole officer at bay, but the guys bump heads and clash on the path to make good on their unbreakable promise, leaving kids to expect the unexpected -- including Josh's ex-cellmate Bludge (Kimbo Slice) making an appearance as a rather unusual Santa.
In 1910 for example we see in the Sydney newspaper Truth reference to non-manual labourers as a 'blackguard band of blatant, bumptious bummers and bludgers, who bum and bludge on labour', (13) while in the 1967 play This Old Man by Dorothy Hewett we see: 'The working class can kiss me arse for I've found a bludger's job at last'.