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cry or whine with snuffling

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My blubbing began when William and Harry turned up, looking just like Disney princes.
Rovers fans would have been much better off making 10,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, than blubbing like babbies on t'box.
THE teary-eyed Newcastle fan caught blubbing by Sky Sports clearly hadn't read excellent Toon website NUFC.
Blubbing Natalie said she felt faint and dizzy trying to free 10 buoys from Slither River with snakes all round her.
I hadn't cried for years before the show but now millions of people have seen me and Ray blubbing.
Vanessa's best pal, Shell, was left blubbing by her eviction.
We're just thrilled she managed to get through her speech without blubbing.
A BBC source said: "The twins have been crying cos they can't get their songs right and Mark Evans was blubbing because he 'connected' with his song.
But cry-baby Quigg could nick it after blubbing his heart out when Diana got the boot.
My teacher gave out a little giggle of shock and my classmate next to me woke up to find the Brit was blubbing like a baby.
Alex, who overcame the illness and is now a graphic designer in Hitchin, Herts, said: "I was blubbing in front of my colleagues when she did it.
Janice, above, has annoyed J with her OTT blubbing during evictions.
The actress, 20, was even spotted blubbing in the lobby of LA's Chateau Marmont Hotel on Thursday after getting the heave-ho.
Under-pressure boys Tuan Le and Samuel Judah also end up blubbing.
The Monster star's blubbing throughout her Screen Actors Guild Award, her Oscar and the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, proves that she's prone to getting emotional - if not tired.