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cry or whine with snuffling

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Nowadays, it's not so much a case of I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles as I'm Forever Bawling and Blubbing.
Lord knows what the tough Muscovites, who've lived through terrible hardships, made of the multimillionaire Englishman blubbing over a fluffed kick.
I enjoyed the snap of the spidey 19-year-old blubbing at his spell in jail.
SOME viewers who saw Matthew Wright blubbing on I'm a Celebrity may have been wondering if his tears were a cry for sympathy.
I'm laughing one minute and blubbing into a hanky the next.
Sienna, 23, was blubbing - yet again - after ANOTHER crisis meeting with ex Jude Law.
In the last hit series, David Dickinson was moved to tears by what he saw, so will Cilla start blubbing when confronted by this image by Belinda Eaton?
Charlie throttling Trevor on EastEnders - that's better than all that blubbing, mate.
BLUBBING Matthew Wright's tears on I'm a Celebrity are all genuine, his wife insisted yesterday.
No girlish blubbing for the Newsnight Rottweiler, oh no.
Footage of starving Ethiopian children sent the blubbing foursome straight to the loos for a sob fest.
Arsenal fans put on an appalling display of synchronised blubbing after their team's defeat at Leeds, even though it did not end their title hopes.
BLUBBING Christopher Maloney has been branded "The X Faker" by fed-up fellow contestants after he dramatically stopped crying on stage.
YOU have to laugh at blubbing Kate Winslet who burst into tears on American TV as she gushed about how much in love she is with director Sam Mendes, dad of her new sprog.
Though I could have done without seeing the wretched James Hewitt in Lycra and the wretched Bobby Davro blubbing after his ``triumph'' in the curling competiton: ``I wanted to win something for my kids.