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swollen with fat

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While some foresee a bright future of new military missions and operations, a snarling tiger freed of its blubbery backside, the reality is you can't chew your way through a tough steak with shiny dentures.
Sweat rinsed our brows and ceaseless parades of blubbery diners waddled between the serving tables to their places with quivery hills of food drooling over their plates.
But larger ones (they can grow to 21 feet and weigh 3 tons) readily consume other sharks, preferring blubbery whale carcasses, and fatty dolphins, porpoises, and seals.
George (Rudd) is a nice, honest corporate exec with a blubbery secretary (Kathryn Hahn).
One, more pugnacious visage has blubbery lips and a small face; the other, marked by tight lips and a larger face, is relatively handsome.
It turns out that far from the rolling countryside and deserted coves of the brochures, the West Country is a god-forsaken place almost entirely covered by retail parks and blubbery bright pink chavs.
San Francisco Tourists visiting the famous hangout of San Francisco Bay's sea lions now can get some answers to their questions about the blubbery beasts.
IN THE POST-apocalyptic 2008 cartoon movie WALL-E, the remaining humans have acquired the proportions of blubbery marine mammals and use levitating gurneys to get around.
I am intrigued by one of the menu items -- blubbery juice.
The male's huge blubbery hips thrust ever so slightly in and out, in and out.
Train stands out because of his size and blubbery vulnerability, Stamps is notable for his courage and ability to speak Italian, and Bishop is the randy, gold-toothed one--but fully dimensional they're not.
Except he's dark and strapping, rather than white and blubbery.
These blubbery nights devolve into a series of shared confessions, and of course Jeremy falls for Liz.
But can the blubbery gangster get to the boys in time?
The practice of early explorers on the A(nta)rctic Peninsula shooting Weddells for meat was an integral part of this scene: Sebastian got soaked in blood up to his elbows as he pulled raw flesh out of the seal's blubbery guts and distributed it amongst his ravenous comrades.