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CURTIS DAVIES is aiming to punish Arsenal for turning him into a "blubbering wreck" at Wembley in May.
I suppose when you're in an ice cave eating blubber, cooking blubber and blubbering into your blubber, it's a distraction keeping a note of what the penguins are up to.
Called Galloping Home, it was written by a chap called Denis King and, short of taking a swig from a bottle of gripe water, its opening strains alone are enough to reduce grown, middle-aged men to blubbering, regressive wrecks in need of a comforting hug from their mums.
Actually, did I ever tell you that one of the highlights of my journalistic career thus far was when, upon interviewing Campbell several years ago, the be-tanned septuagenarian warbler began singing said sad song down the phone to me, almost reducing me to a blubbering wreck on the spot.
"And I realized, it's a little psychoanalyst here, but I'm afraid it's because if I really tell you how I feel I'm gonna turn into a blubbering idiot.
You'll find out before it reaches its blubbering end.
Sun-done, swollen, blubbering families with hail damaged legs.