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I've never blubbed in public as far as I can remember, but I was pretty damn close PRINCE HARRY on a visit to a drugs district of sao paulo yesterday
In second place was former Family Fortunes host Les Dennis, who blubbed through the celebrity version of Big Brother.
JONATHAN Ross says the Sex and the City movie is so emotional that he blubbed his way through it.
This time it was the turn of Kate Winslet, who blubbed her way through the Glamour Women of the Year awards in New York.
For the past few weeks Scottish Labour have blubbed crocodile tears over a mythical threat.
The 23-year-old hippy chick blubbed when the Scouser accused her of making a sneaky cup of tea behind her back.
At the Golden Globes she blubbed like Gazza when the bar's closing, and the Oscars make the Globes look like the Leyland DAF Trophy.
One diner said: "Charlotte screamed when she saw the gigantic ring and blubbed all through her chocolate dessert.
She blubbed behind the scenes in her dressing room after getting the lowest score out of the eight duets.
They performed the song on GMTV a couple of weeks ago and I'm afraid I blubbed like a fool.
The 29-year-old actress kept up the luvvie tradition when she blubbed her way through an honours ceremony.
When he got to the bit about Gordon Brown, who, he said, has been, "my personal friend for the last 20 years and the best Chancellor this country has ever had", I completely choked up and blubbed.
The millionaire writer tells interviewer Jeremy Paxman that she blubbed to husband Dr Neil Murray after penning the dramatic death scene.