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Synonyms for blub

cry or whine with snuffling

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FERNANDO TORRES has revealed he was moved to tears by Liverpool's Champions League win over Arsenal - and he'll blub like a baby if they overcome Chelsea to reach the Moscow Final.
Abberley has been associated with the blub for more than 50 years and scored over 10,000 runs for the county.
"I've got to be very careful because walking down the King's Road there are paparazzi everywhere so I have to duck off into a lane and blub for a while."
She added that if she said more she would blub. So she didn't.
And no-one will blub more than Henman's biggest fan Sue Barker star of Grandstand, A Question of Sport and Wimbledon 2001.
An onlooker who saw Britney blub in LA on Friday afternoon - the early hours of Saturday here - said: "Britney was fine when she went inside the medical plaza but when she left she wouldn't stop crying.
Britney blubs after her first court-ordered drug and drink test
All I'm asking is that you go out there and blub for England.
JOIN THE BLUB Mel cries as Jay, right, performs in audition to be aired tonight
So I have to duck off into a lane or something and blub for a little while.
CRYING SHAME:; Kate's face crumples as she lets her emotions get the better of her; HOLLYWOOD BLUB STORY: Kate with Susan Sarandon
Children have been pro-active in helping to plant seeds and blubs, sharing new experiences with others.
But then the student fee U-turner says he only blubs at music.
Gwyneth Paltrow blubs as if she's won an Oscar as she uncovers Dutch and European Jewish ancestors with tearjerking stories of bravery.
Don't cry for me when I'm in Argentina Do I look like the kind of girl who blubs?