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characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern

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Rather like Larry Clark's depraved teenagers, however less blowzy or dewy-eyed, Prince's biker babes fancy themselves as outlaws (or at least outsiders) on some escapist kick.
Carol Allard-Vancil's Claire is a terrific fit for Bartucca's Lenny, by turns sassy and brassy, with a pinch of blowzy thrown in for good measure.
THE pairing of the blowzy Vanessa Feltz with that desiccated little Paul Daniels in Channel Four's Wife Swap was brilliant.
Apart from a few strained top notes and a few questionable interpretive touches (the conclusion of Tosca's "Vissi d'arte," for example), Fleming's singing is glorious and less blowzy than it has been in recent years.
Scott continues his satire by asking: if I had rather chosen to call my work a "Sentimental Tale," would it not have been a sufficient presage of a heroine with a profusion of auburn hair, and a harp, the soft solace of her solitary hours, which she fortunately finds always the means of transporting from castle to cottage, although she herself be sometimes obliged to jump out of a two-pair-of-stairs window, and is more than once bewildered on her journey, alone and on foot, without any guide but a blowzy peasant girl, whose jargon she can hardly understand?
But getting back to the present, this year's Thanksgiving recess has been particularly difficult for those of us addicted to the machinations, posturing and blowzy oratory that go with the process of $35 elected officials cobbling our laws together.
While she arguably undersells Martha's obscenity, Turner saunters through the role's gin-soaked, blowzy flirtatiousness and wry disgust with ease.
Similarly, the much derided passages of literary pontification--his blowzy dismissals of critics as "angleworms"--aren't egotistical bombast but "an elaborate oration ...
She wore an old duster whose rusty black made her look like a huge crow, hopping and pecking, Here and there a blowzy late bloom nodded on a yellowed stalk.
TV is an essentially blowzy, fraudulent, two-dimensional and vulgar medium - Best-selling writer AN WilsonI get bored very easily with myself.
Together, Burton and Taylor commanded unprecedented salaries to co-star on screen but few of their films were successful and all take second place to Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966) for which Taylor won her second Oscar as Burton's blowzy, foulmouthed wife, Martha.
Blowzy barmaid Diane, a woman who has often said she's looking for a hunky, rich man, decides that she and clapped-out, penniless Jack should begin a proper affair.
As the rest of the industry learns cool understatement, Proton reverts to the blowzy days of the Eighties, the era of go-faster stripes and other shrieked messages about performance.
John Dunmore Lang, who arrived in the colony in 1824, was alert to this when he described the social panorama of the afternoon drive on the South Head Road: The long line of equipages--from the ponderous coach of the member of council, moving leisurely and proudly along, or the lively barouche of Mr Whalebone, the ship-owner, to the one-horse-shay, in which the landlord of the Tinker's Arms drives out his blowzy dame `to take the hair arter dinner' ...
A poll of hair may be any colour, but is likely to conjure up red, for not only is 'redpoll' many a species of bird, but there had been Peter Pindar in 1787 ('Large red-poll'd, blowzy, hard, two-handed jades'), and there was - by a coincidence, in 1895, the very year of Housman's poem and Wilde's trial - 'The celebrated.