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Synonyms for blowy

exposed to or characterized by the presence of freely circulating air or wind

Synonyms for blowy

abounding in or exposed to the wind or breezes


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"Also, one of the Indian men would record the names of men and how much they paid for sex before collecting the money and handing it to the female pimp nicknamed 'Blowy Baby'.
"Goodness me, it's blowy," I thought, as I returned to work, and I turned a corner, walking down the middle of the pavement.
If it's lashing down with rain, for instance, and trees are being uprooted and flung about like weeds, you might suggest that it's looking a bit blowy out there.
When the weather's not too blowy, there's an outside terrace to enjoy too.
U-POWER says now that autumn, with its chilly, blowy, dark and damp days, is here, customers can keep warm, stylish and comfortable while being protected at work with its prestigious, creative and original safety clothing.
The collection celebrates modest dressing without it being an abaya with structured collars/ladles, loose and blowy linens using pastel colors such as periwinkle, light pink, ombre beige, striking royal blue and mustard.
80's favorites dominate this collection, with peplum tops, knee length skirts with tonal embellishments and lace detailing, ankle length pants and culottes in blowy silhouettes taking center stage.
"Also my attitude is pretty good when it gets blowy. It's easy to get a bit grizzly as I tend to do and when it's windy you tend to struggle."
The last few games at Sandy Park have been played in similar blowy conditions and forwards coach Hunter admitted: "It would be quite nice to play the odd game in the sun.
Ditzy sugar, frisking and whisking, yolky jokey eggs are diving and smacking, milk, then flour, snowy and showy and all so very blowy ...
But from the moment she offered him "a blowy" after their strange kinda love was forged on I'm A Celeb, it was doomed.
The freezing temperatures and blowy conditions will pose a danger to drivers, with icy stretches on the roads and reduced visibility throughout today and and into tomorrow morning's commute.
"It was very cold up there and blowy. When we jumped we saw clouds and fields.
The 37-year-old Pontypridd-born pro, who lifted the Abu Dhabi Championship crown a fortnight ago, shows a distinct liking for blowy days on Tour but missed the boat yesterday, carding a one-over-par 73 to drop 39 places on the leaderboard to tied 51st on four under.
Blowy: High winds in Glasgow Stranded: A flood in Helensburgh, Scotland