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Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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Blowups come in a variety of forms, but they all share the common ground of embarrassment.
Chen, Analysis of blowup for a nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation, J.
Join us next issue as we look more deeply at what have we learned about wildfire: how to live with it, how to use it, and how to fight it since the Big Blowup one hundred years ago.
Your blowups must show these varying magnifications.
Drela suggests, "There wasn't one giant blowup but gradual [deterioration] over several minutes.
At the prologue's end, their talk, and the setting, fade into Act I, a massive blowup of the terrarium behind the bar, where Platte and her amphibious subjects--alligators, lizards, snakes, frogs, and a pair of copulating tortoises--slither about.
With this definition, the manifold structure of the blowup and especially its functoriality properties are not entirely obvious, and are somewhat awkward to prove.
The blowup came on the heels of the three-run homer Brazoban gave up to San Francisco's Michael Tucker in the ninth inning Sunday, when he was brought in to preserve a 1-1 tie.
The top of the tower site has been let to Birmingham advertising agency BlowUP by the building's owners, Land Securities.
Tellingly, Weber prefers the image of fashion photographers represented by David Hemmings in Blowup to the Astaire kind in Funny Face.
Move still more closely to the crushing core with the Big Blowup, and trim the panorama to the rugged landscape between the Coeur d'Alene and St.
28 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and the April 18 blowup of an Air Force Titan 34D rocket, the blast joined an improbable array of mishaps that point toward the possibility of temporarily curtailing NASA's ability to put anything into orbit.
Unnoticed" is an elastic term: The author does not shy from stating the obvious, which leads one to assume, for example, he is unaware that Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup [1966] was instantly and widely understood as a gloss on the Zapruder film.
There are holes in the blowup of the painting and a pile of round paper masks, elastic cords and crayons so kids can make their own colorful faces and insert themselves into the painting.
Before we get the blowup, we see disgruntled and overworked bank clerk Kuzma Nicolayevich Khirin (John Apicella) seethe as he tries to get work done in time for his boss Andrei Andreyivich's (JD Cullum) company party.