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Synonyms for blowtube

a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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Our smelting experiments necessitated the continuous labor of three to four individuals providing continuous draft into a small furnace through narrow blowtubes with ceramic tuyeres for roughly three hours to produce slag lumps weighing ca.
In each case, specified blowtubes and/or vents were blocked.
Further, air is channeled into the small diameter blowtubes producing high air velocities and a large pressure loss.
Examination of the model's computed pressure distribution throughout the entire machine reveals that a large pressure-drop occurs along the blowtubes after filling.
Increasing the magazine pressure only causes a higher velocity and pressure drop in the blowtubes with a small increase in the core cavity pressure.
The core, blowtubes, and sand magazine geometry were easily obtained and imported into Arena-flow to make the blowing model.
The software allows engineers to visualize the sand-filling pattern, determine the location and sizing of blowtubes and vents, optimize blow parameters, and select the proper arrangement of cores on tooling.