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a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame

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BUNGLING burglars tried to crack open a Coventry supermarket cashpoint machine with blowtorches.
PASSENGERS have tried to take blowtorches, petrol generators and distress flares on board planes it was revealed yesterday.
Using a 150-ton crane, drills and blowtorches, an Israeli team was trying to free a woman named Rose trapped in a very difficult spot in the collapsed Ufundi Cooperative building adjacent to the embassy.
To melt the hundreds of pounds of cheese, chefs used giant blowtorches much in the same way they would to make a creme brulee.
In the final series about Duff and his crazy crew, watch and be amazed as they use power tools, drills and blowtorches to create out-of-the-ordinary cakes.
THIEVES used blowtorches to steal thousands of pounds in four raids on cash machines.