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Synonyms for blowtorch

a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame

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He turned the cooker on, then went outside to defrost the cylinder with an improvised blowtorch, causing the explosion in the caravan.
Thomas was kneeling down with a carving knife, bread knife and blowtorch between her legs.
If you do not possess a blowtorch in your home then place the dishes under an extremely hot grill until the sugar dissolves and glistens.
Thieves stole cash from the gambling machines before using a blowtorch and cutting equipment to get into the safe.
Lorna, starring in the upcoming La Sylphide with Scottish Ballet, went on a course at a Glasgow college and is hot stuff with a blowtorch and welding kit when she's not tip-toeing on stage.
It also demonstrates exceptional energy-blocking and temperature-insulation qualities with some designs able to withstand a blowtorch test and others able to barrier liquid nitrogen.
Ness's pal claimed he had been attacked with a blowtorch.
The 38-year-old broke up his car with an industrial blowtorch and scattered it across the French countryside.
If you have a chef's blowtorch, this can be done quicker.
PACOIMA - An auto wrecking business owner's blowtorch accidentally started an intense fire that sent flames shooting through the roof of a commercial building Saturday near Branford Street and Glenoaks Boulevard, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said.
The fibre is impregnated with simple non-reacting compounds to make it fire resistant to the point where it would resist a lighted blowtorch for several minutes without catching fire.
And the 23-year-old Scot knows he's unlikely to be hunting out his blowtorch again after bagging his first goal for the Yorkshire club last month.
Use a Stanley tungsten carbide scraper and a hot air gun or blowtorch to remove the glue.
But, before hitting the high street, I spent a happy couple of hours going through my maternity gear with a pair of shears and a blowtorch.
A spokeswoman for Milton Keynes Borough Council said a blowtorch was used to cut through the camera's metal post at the weekend.