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Synonyms for blowtorch

a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame

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He shouted "I'm going to set you all alight" then took a blowtorch from the car, but did not ignite it.
He had an (unlit) blowtorch in his hand and was on the first or second step.
Sweetpea and Blowtorch know what it takes to throw a great party.
To her, the glass hammer looked just looked like a blowtorch and she was understandably left terrified.
He was on bail at the time after appearing in court on May 4, charged with stealing a car and recklessly throwing a blowtorch, a hammer and other items in the path of a police car.
The blowtorch you have is quite a stylish looking piece of kit and looks more like something from a vintage movie.
5 When ready to serve, scatter a teaspoon of caster sugar over each of your custards and blowtorch until a deep dark caramel.
A FIRE which destroyed a section of roof at the National Library of Wales was started accidentally by a blowtorch, an investigation has found.
Guilbert Express has produced a new carry case pack for its signature product--the Vulcane Express blowtorch.
So it's your choice really - let 'em stay at home to pause and rewind the bits where a blond eight-year-old moppet takes a blowtorch to Joe Pesci's scalp until it bubbles, or take them to watch large, oiled Americans in tights choke each other into unconsciousness.
New York, Jan 25 (ANI): A man in US had to use a blowtorch, hammer and chisel to free his car after it became encased in ice.
The officers infiltrated the town's drug circuit as part of a year-long undercover operation during 2008, named Operation Blowtorch, posing as traders with clothes to sell.
Use a hand-powdered butane kitchen blowtorch or oven broiler to caramelize the sugar.
The huge fire that destroyed part of Universal Studios in California was accidentally started by workers using a blowtorch on the roof of a movie set.