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characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern

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Peonies and the blowsy Piaget and David Austin roses frequently make up the European-style arrangements that are La Jolie Fleur's signature.
It boasts no great stately home, no noisy theme park or blowsy formal gardens, and even the church is more Victorian than ancient.
She stared at the neat handwriting, blowsy in places.
I do know, though, that this blowsy flower's parts are
The Taming of the Shrew, Newcastle Theatre Royal BARE bums, blowsy humour, a bit of sax and electric guitar and even some flamenco flouncing - or was it a touch of The Three Amigos?
It's just a blowsy blossom; just a red-flecked cherry pit.
Under these blowsy peaches while I share their windfall with wasps?
Quiet, mild and polite, a docile husband and apparently entirely unremarkable person, he had a wife who is always described as a blowsy, heavy-drinking nightmare, vain, bullying and promiscuous.
He still prowls around the stage with an extraordinary sexual presence, still manages to catch the flying underwear one-handed and - in that blowsy trumpet break in Kiss - thinks he'd "better dance now".
WHITE FLOWERING SHRUBS Choose sturdy, old-fashioned bridal wreath spirea (Spiraea) and fragrant mock orange (Philadelphus) for a romantic, blowsy white garden.
Try Graham & Brown's country-cottage style Spirit Collection wallpaper, pictured bottom of page, with blowsy blooms, or a pared-down Essence range with stylised blooms.
Big blowsy shrubs such as hydrangeas, roses and lilacs look wonderful in a formal garden.
First, there's The Swing (after Fragonard) (2001), a blowsy reconstruction of a 1767 painting by the French master.
THEY were off, giddy, blowsy and flowery - heading for one of the world's great sporting events with glorious wiggles and a chorus of giggles.