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characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern

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Vintage Romantic In a romantic home, blooms can appear in all shapes and forms, whether they're the fresh variety in vases or blowsily adorning furnishing fabrics and linens.
Even so, he could not have anticipated that within a dozen years Post-Modern Classicism (PoMo) was to emerge blowsily full blown from the drawers of Philip Johnson's AT & T Chippendale cabinet.
Yet, surprisingly, in that selfsame year of 1912, Mann was complaining to Fischer of the novella's "errors and weaknesses" and describing it to his brother Heinrich as "full of half-baked ideas and falsehoods." (By one of several weird coincidences that are threaded through our story, Heinrich had made his own international reputation with a lurid account of another intellectual prostrated by an unworthy object of desire, the novel Professor Unrat, the tale of a sadistic schoolmaster who falls flat-on-his-face in love with a blowsily alluring nightclub chanteuse.