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Synonyms for blow






blow over

blow someone away: open fire on


blow something out

blow something up: explode

blow something up: inflate

blow something up: exaggerate


blow up: lose your temper


blow your top


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Synonyms for blow

to be in a state of motion, as air


to breathe hard

to come open or fly apart suddenly and violently, as from internal pressure

to release or cause to release energy suddenly and violently, especially with a loud noise

to talk with excessive pride

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

blow in: to come to a particular place

a natural movement or current of air

something that jars the mind or emotions

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Synonyms for blow

an unfortunate happening that hinders or impedes

an unpleasant or disappointing surprise


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street names for cocaine

forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth

be blowing or storming

free of obstruction by blowing air through

be in motion due to some air or water current

make a sound as if blown

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shape by blowing

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spend thoughtlessly

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spend lavishly or wastefully on

sound by having air expelled through a tube

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play or sound a wind instrument

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provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

cause air to go in, on, or through

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cause to move by means of an air current

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spout moist air from the blowhole

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lay eggs

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allow to regain its breath

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melt, break, or become otherwise unusable

burst suddenly

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Show-goers will see a range of new blow molding equipment that offers higher speeds, more cavitation, and faster changeovers.
During the Asian dust storm season--from March through May--winds frequently blow dust clouds eastward across the Pacific Ocean.
Total vent open area and blow tube area, which varied depending on whether the core was "chunky" or "rangy," were established using a supplied formula.
Bekum's tandem-blow process blows two bottles tail to tail from a single parison, one blown from the top and one from the bottom.
Many different brands promise huge bubbles, but which one really blows the biggest?
The air ring outside the bubble blows tangentially in the opposite direction, keeping the bubble more stable than a conventional air ring and IBC, DR-Pack says.
in Hebron, Ohio, blows its Trycite PS films 1 to 10 mils thick.
Alpla's Kunz says his firm blows bottles with less than 44 psi of air pressure - half the standard amount.
The new SBO 32/26 reheat model from Sidel Inc., Doraville, Ga., blows single-serve PET bottles in 16 dual-cavity molds and puts out 32,000 bottles/hr.
For example, a "double blow" cycle blows the bottle first at lower pressure, then flushes the bottle with a second puff of fresh air at higher pressure.
of Resource Recycling in Rockingham, N.C.), blows eight pairs of pots at a time, then cuts apart the Siamese-twin pots.
The SSB-F blows up to 5-liter containers with neck openings to 110 mm, and reportedly changes molds with kit parts in under 2 hr.
[USPRwire, Tue Dec 18 2018] The blow molded containers market is marked by high levels of fragmentation, with Asia Pacific particularly home to a large number of Tier II companies.