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Synonyms for blowpipe

a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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According to Pusuh, the language of the Punan in Kutai differs from that in Bulungan, He gave me some examples which, with the exception of the words for blowpipe poison (upas) and eating (kuman), I had not found in other Punan word lists.
Although sharing is at the heart of village life, some items are considered personal property, such as a blowpipe for men, or a hair comb for women.
Suddenly, here they were in a newspaper photograph in the 1990s, traditionally unclothed and carrying their blowpipes and darts.
THREE people shot from a passing car with metal darts from a jungle blowpipe are being tested for HIV and Hepatitis.
The blowpipes and hand tools such as jacks, pinchers, and shears were "designed centuries ago," he notes.
The new laws will also forbid drunks from loitering around liquor stores, carrying baseball bats and fooling around with crossbows, slingshots, blowpipes and airguns.
Many deaths!" The jokes about blowpipes, tranquiliser darts and cat food being gobbled up like caviar, are predictable - but there are lots of chuckles in a likeable movie.
Fabian Goncalves, waving bird feathers and blowpipes in the face of his subject, Fabian Golpiez.
In 1806 Wollaston constructed the smallest and most portable of all blowpipes. Three conical parts could be stored one inside the other, reducing to the size of a small pencil.
The army, on the other hand, has just ordered Crotale NG SAM systems from Thomson-CSF, to supplement its British Blowpipes.
In Brazil, we see Matis hunters using long blowpipes to shoot monkeys out of high trees, having first used toxins from frogs to increase the potency of their weapons.
As a favorite toy, Badeng children made at the time small blowpipes of bamboo which they used to shoot paper "bullets" at one another.
While they enjoy football, they still live in the traditional way, hunting wild pigs and stalking monkeys with huge blowpipes.