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Synonyms for blowout

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a big, exuberant party

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Synonyms for blowout

an easy victory

a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus

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a gay festivity

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interestingly, because of scale-dependence between area of habitat (total area of blowouts) and size of patch (mean size of blowout) among geographically dispersed sites in the Mescalero Sands ecosystem, effects of patch size at individual sites probably were not detected in our study.
congressional leaders are calling on the FDA to issue a voluntary recall of Brazilian Blowout and to consider a ban.
The Transocean crew also missed several signs that there were hydrocarbons on the night of the blowout. "At 9.27 pm, less than 15 minutes before the blowout began, they did notice an anomaly in pressure data from the well, and shut down operations to investigate," the report said.
The carnage that the blowout caused is well covered.
Don Boesch, a marine scientist on the presidential commission into the disaster, said even with the new changes, "we're still better off probably than we were before the blowout" in terms of offshore drilling safety.
The Batangas Police Provincial Office said the commuter van (NDS 6161) on the south-bound lane of the expressway when the trie blowout occcured.
The coach admitted that he heard talk about another blowout loss.
"Two vehicles were in collision after a HGV travelling on the opposite carriageway suffered a tyre blowout.
The Beermen's Game 3 blowout followed a masterful Game 2 performance when they bludgeoned the Gin Kings 134-109, the highest offensive output since Ginebra beat San Miguel 146-111 in Game 4 of the 2007 Philippine Cup finals.
MANCHESTER celebs and the city's fashion elite were out in force for the VIP launch of the venue billed as the "UK's first champagne blowout bar".
"In general there are two types of fractures that involve the orbital bone that contains the eye, a rim fracture and a blowout fracture," DeLuca said. "The potential complications are eye related.
The national body governing St Vincent's Hospital, St Vincent's Health Australia Group, directed the hospital to find $18 million in savings to overcome a budget blowout, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.
The well blowout at Rag-e Sefid in Khuzestan province occurred October 29.