blowing up

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a severe rebuke

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This was around the time the general shooting public was being confused about which brands were really blowing up and why.
When they watched the Army Reserve Service Rifle Team blowing up these new bullets in early 2006,1 think that was the straw that broke the camel's back and they threw in the towel shortly after that.
A fourth issue, 90 grain bullets have a reputation for bullet failures, with projectiles blowing up mid air somewhere between exiting the muzzle and hitting the target.
I guess they concluded that with the barrels that were currently on the market there was no way to achieve the target 2,650 fps speed without the danger of blowing up the Sierras.
I also felt that if we could get the 90 grain Sierras to quit blowing up they would give us a decided advantage at 600 yards without the recoil penalty of going to a .308.