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Synonyms for trumpet


blow your own trumpet


Synonyms for trumpet

a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone

proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet

play or blow on the trumpet

Related Words

utter in trumpet-like sounds

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That, perhaps, and the old lags blowing trumpets and smoking things they shouldn't in the back bar of the Moulders Arms.
I cannot believe that the God we believe in told Joshua that the Jericho walls will fall by blowing trumpets and yelling.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque urged the public to use other ways to celebrate, including blowing trumpets or banging pots and cans, warning that firecrackers could kill or maim.
Smith is not blowing trumpets for having won the CIS League Cup, leading the title race and being two ties away from the Scottish Cup Final - nor for leading the club through their longest ever run in Europe.
They're marching and blowing trumpets. A drum beats and diners look up from their seats in the street, still munching on plates of pasta and sipping wine.
As the whistle blew, both sets of fans piled on to a piece of wasteland, jeering and shouting slogans at each other, laughing and dancing, banging drums and blowing trumpets.