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Although static can be present at dangerous levels at any point in the distribution system, two particular instances which pose a consistently dangerous static dangers to distributors are squeeze-offs and broken lines blowing gas.
A foam structure in the rotational molding process requires the polymer matrix to form a continuous melt phase; this is to minimize losses of the liberated blowing gas to the atmosphere and reduce the adverse effect of incoherent polymer melt on the bubble morphology.
As a result, the resistance against cell collapse decreases, some of the blowing gas is lost from the ruptured cells to the environment because of an enhanced diffusion rate, which leads to a lower porosity.
Through NYSEARCH, the North American research organization administered by the Northeast Gas Association, the company is looking at improvements to live gas tapping operations to reduce the amount of blowing gas.
The incident was an act of sabotage and insurgents were practicing their nefarious designs by blowing gas and railway tracks to create disturbance for the government, police said.
The website explains that to help accomplish this fundamental task of delivering natural gas to customers, more and more utilities are taking steps to minimize occurrences of blowing gas due to pipe line breaks caused by third-party damage and natural disasters.
In addition, the conductivity of blowing gas is much smaller than that of polymer.
Today, most manufacturers make foams by blowing gas bubbles into liquids whose viscosity must be precisely controlled.
In comparison, an excavation area of three larger holes would be required for squeezing the line due to MLGW standard operating procedures of not allowing workers to work in holes with blowing gas from PE pipe.
At first, the supernovas "blew off the caps" of the galaxy; later explosions have created a "galactic wind" that keeps blowing gas out of the galaxy, Tully says.
This also keeps operators out of the ditch and away from blowing gas.
The resulting lack of blowing gas availability for the foaming process deteriorates the final foam cell morphology and causes incomplete volume expansion.