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processing that involves blowing a gas

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After breakfast next morning, when I had hoisted Wolf Larsen's body on deck ready for burial, it was still blowing heavily and a large sea was running.
1 : to move or be moved usually with speed and force <Wind is blowing from the north.
Nearly two years after the mandatory conversion to "cleaner" blowing agents in the major segments of polyurethane foam production, the transition continues to evolve.
The snow is tinted by Saharan sand carried by winds blowing across Era-ape.
will hold its Seventh International Conference on Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes May 10-11 at the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany.
VALLEY VILLAGE - As he has for the past eight years, George Friedman will break down barriers next week by showing men - and women - the challenging art of shofar blowing for the upcoming High Holy Days.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that temperature and moisture can play a significant role in the quality of the mixed core sand, the blowing of the cores and the storage of the finished cores prior to use.
The researchers told a group of four- to seven-year-olds who were getting immunization shots to "blow and blow and blow" as if they were blowing bubbles.
It evolved from the ancient art of glass blowing and it is used to particular advantage with plastic materials.
If parison swell is a little below normal, the handle may not pinch and blowing will be compromised.
Bader, Input Institute for PU Technology; "Non-fugitive gelling and blowing catalysts to improve cure in emission-free HR molded systems," Hiroyuki Yoshimura, Katsumi Tokumoto, Yutaka Tamano, Takahiro Masuda, Yoshihiro Takahashi, Kenneth M.
While this software continues to develop and increase in ability, another area for fluid dynamic modeling is being explored--sand core blowing and gassing.
This plan lacks important details, like how long you chew the gum before blowing bubbles.
All of a sudden it seems like they're blowing their horns really loud, and they blow their horns way past the intersection, which is uncalled for,'' says Kathee Thomure, who lives next to the tracks.