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Synonyms for blowhole

the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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A BOY fell 80ft down a coastal blowhole after going out to celebrate finishing his exams.
There is the challenge of walking many miles each day, but there is also time to gaze out upon long stretches of sandy beaches, witness the ocean's moods as it blasts seawater up through blowholes, and look out from mountain paths across valleys blanketed with fog.
Apprill and her colleagues wanted a new way to collect samples of whales' blow--the moist breath that whales spray out of their blowholes. Traditionally, scientists tracked whales in a small boat, getting close enough to hold a long pole with a large petri dish at its tip as close as possible to the blowholes.
Commenting on the new product, Flexcrete director Chris Lloyd says: "Several of our customers were seeking an economical product that is able to bridge cracks and fill pores, cavities and blowholes prior to the application of our Monodex coatings.
Clouds of warm air, just spouted from their blowholes, hang overhead.
The high-resolution image quality allows users to accurately detect defects and discriminate between blowholes and material.
Blowholes are formed through small openings in the ground through which air will blow out or suck in.
About 40km from the city and overlooking the Arabian Sea, Al Marneef Cave which came from eroded limestone, shelter you against the heat yet give you amazing views of the sea, the cliffs and the blowholes. During the monsoon, as sea levels rise and water currents become more active, the water surges through the blowholes like huge fountains, creating an attractive sight.
Mughsayl is situated 45 km from Salalah and is famous for its blowholes. These are caused by a natural phenomenon ' the constant hitting of angry waves against the limestone coast.
The fatal accident took place in the afternoon when two vehicles, coming from different directions, crashed into a truck on the main road near Al Mughsayl Blowholes in eastern Salalah, according to sources in the Royal Oman Police.
Visitors to Hackley Bay on the Forvie nature reserve watched three whales for hours last week, as they surfaced and spouted through their blowholes.
They then slam hooks into the defenceless whales' blowholes, drag them up onto the sand and use the hooks to cut the animals throats.
They are generally larger than toothed whales and have two blowholes. Rather than teeth, they have large plates of keratin that act as a giant sieve or strainer.
The book is filled with incredible facts about bowhead whales - for instance, they have two blowholes and can punch through ice more than 12 inches thick with their heads.