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Synonyms for blowhole

the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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"The doc showed a lot of courage to be lowered down into that blowhole."
A blowhole is a vertical fault in a cliff that has widened after exposure to strong waves - creating water pressure that can shoot up through the hole.
Apprill and her colleagues wanted a new way to collect samples of whales' blow--the moist breath that whales spray out of their blowholes. Traditionally, scientists tracked whales in a small boat, getting close enough to hold a long pole with a large petri dish at its tip as close as possible to the blowholes.
Part of the metal structure extends under the whale's chin and through its mouth, according to Mate, with a bar on top squeezing tightly across its neck, just behind its blowhole.
* as a sealant, substantially reducing the clearance radially, axially and through the blowhole; and
A blowhole colostomy was created at the transverse colon via small laparotomy in the right upper quadrant.
WORKERS in a Saudi Arabia desert have discovered a blowhole that sends sand hundreds of feet into the air...
Mr Stringell said it doesn't seem the porpoise met a violent end: "It had a wound near its blowhole but it doesn't look like something that would have caused a death."
El analisis de los correlatos entre las estructuras blandas y oseas de la region nasal mostro que en los balenidos, cetoteridos y balenopteridos, el ancho maximo de la fosa nasal coincide y marca el emplazamiento de la narina blanda (blowhole).
I hurl old, expired diaper cream tubes at his blowhole. He
Desperate rescuers spent two hours talking to her through a blowhole - but could not reach her in time.
To make those human-like sounds, NOC had to vary the pressure in his nasal tract while making other muscular adjustments and inflating the vestibular sac in his blowhole, the researchers found.
For instance, a blowhole, a sand flea, that silly putty smirk you wear in the checkout line while having a nice day.