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Synonyms for blowhard

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Synonyms for blowhard

a very boastful and talkative person

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Everyone dreams of getting their big break in life, and everyone must contend with under-qualified and self-important blowhards along the way.
Costas is the finest sports voice of our generation 6 he is witty, funny, literate, passionate and engaging (unlike the many blowhards who pollute sports journalism).
Stand up to the blowhards and the demagogues who stoke division and hate for their own selfish ends.
Sarah Palin and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck, Majd said, "They like to be these blowhards who tap into a certain kind of dissatisfaction among their supporters.
I've been around a few years and my experience is that such blowhards are usually attempting to compensate for some self-perceived (or real) shortcoming.
Again, the staples of his craft railed against petty officialdom, modern, trendy stupid people, bullies, blowhards. But always with a gentle wit.
Lebanon's history is littered with the detritus left behind by blowhards and their hollow slogans.
While Bill O'Reilly fights for the moral soul of San Francisco and the city wastes its time caving in to blowhards, the flames of war burn out of control.
One question Rosen says he gets asked a lot is what would keep the site from becoming "a platform for blowhards," or overrun with "bad information." Rosen tells Washington Post blogger Joel Achenbach that there will be a "Department of Verification" and that most blowhards will likely be bored because "There's not enough vitriol."
It has only been since recent coverage of immigrant marches that he has seen any serious flare-ups between undocumented residents and the native born, a change he attributes to the overheated rhetoric of local politicians and talk-radio blowhards.
One thing I do know: those blowhards who recently assembled at public expense in Montreal to listen to Paul Martin and Pierre Pettigrew "review progress" under the ludicrous Kyoto Protocol, assuredly do not know either.
The United States Senate, home over the years for battalions of blowhards and fraudulent fat cats, calls itself the 'greatest debating chamber in the world'.
If public policy were to follow the course demanded by exploitative blowhards such as Robert F.
If a CEO is doing his job properly, he doesn't have time to spend preparing the type of glorified online diary that is associated most intimately with gas bags, blowhards, navel-gazers, crackpots, conspiracy theorists and lonely guys.
Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the cable guys yelling on TV and taking up prime shelf space at the bookstore may be terrible blowhards, but at least they've got something to say.