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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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Blowgun techniques; the definitive guide to modern and traditional blowgun techniques.
Erne demonstrated how to move silently through the jungle, make sounds for attracting animals such as caimans (crocodiles) and toucans, and use the 8-foot blowgun to paralyze monkeys or birds with curare (used in our Held as a homeopathic medicine for paralysis) so that they could be captured for food.
A dangerously toxic new frog (Phyllobates) used by Embera Indians of Western Colombia, with discussion of blowgun fabrication and dart poisoning.
I bought my first blowgun back in 1966 as a teenager.
Blowguns, fired by exhaling violently, are often used for hunting or to deliver tranquillisers to animals.
People still hunted with blowguns and lived off of what they could kill.
With their blowguns in their hands they went around shooting at the "birds" who were in the trees.
They specialize in weaponry that makes killing a one-on-one affair--bows, blowguns, knives.
To say that how-to manuals on knife fighting and blowguns are but clever party favors for the smirking cognoscenti is not to dismiss the practicality of the information conveyed.
Even in remote regions, hunters who once relied upon nets, snares, and blowguns now have access to powerful shotguns, which are often introduced by traders, miners, or loggers.
One group of enterprising moviemakers packed everything up and headed for the heart of the Amazon, where piranhas, boa constrictors, alligators, and headhunters with blowguns added novelty to the chase, making the hero's pursuit of a rare butterfly pale by comparison.
The frogs are misnamed, though; it's another species that provides poison for Colombian blowguns.
it wasn't exactly a reprise of his Prime Time Live performance last spring, when he went head-to-rug with Sam Donaldson, but among the tables and booths of bowie knives, blowguns, smoke bombs and pamphlets denouncing the Great Jewish Banking Conspiracy that crowded the floor of Preparedness Expo '95, held September 22-24, Koernke was definitely the guru at ground zero, attracting large crowds of fans and well-wishers hungry for his fiery denunciations of the New World Order.
Best of all, they traded things brought from home for blowguns, dolls, grass skirts, and necklaces.
The Indians who live in this village still use blowguns with poison darts for hunting their daily food.