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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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He mapped the river and plumbed its depths, visited Jesuit missions along the way and learned from the Indians their techniques for hunting game with blowguns and poison darts.
* Recreational Shooting Including Airguns, Airsoft, Blowguns and Slingshots
We shoot blowguns with the Quichuas and climb 140 feet into the canopy to stand eyeball-to-eyeball with toucans, pygmy marmoset, howler, spider, titi, capuchin and squirrel monkeys.
dress in loincloths, hunt monkeys with blowguns., fish with spears, and
The Cherokee used spears, bow and arrow, and blowguns for hunting.
Meet a local medicine man, join in a "cleansing ceremony", practice using indigenous blowguns and spears ?
In addition to basket making, rivercane was also used for making blowguns, arrow shafts, and fish traps and as food.
Blowguns, one of the earliest weapons, have been enjoying a recent rise in popularity.
These are priceless memories, including making Indian blowguns, honeysuckle basket weaving, making beaded neckties, making bean bread and chestnut bread (Winnie Raby), the Cherokee medicine man (Amoneta Sequoyah, the herb doctor), making hand-carved Indian dolls (Ted and Amy Roberts), building a log cabin (Martha Owl and her grandfather, David Partridge) and more.
By the end of our visit with the Huaorani, we had learned a valuable lesson from these vibrant, loving people, and it wasn't just how to shoot blowguns. It was the confirmation that it's not the stuff of life that makes for happiness.
Deep in the rain forests of western Colombia, the Embera Choco Indians practiced the custom of tipping darts with frog toxins for use with their blowguns in their hunt for large game.
Participating in the tried and true technique of hands-on learning, campers at the Rendezvous can learn how to make fire by friction and to use this essential tool to cook and harden clay pots, straighten blowguns and to create bowls and spoons.
In the far south of the island is the Palawan tribe, who still live as cave dwellers, hunting in the forest with blowguns. Inside the limits of Puerto Princesa City are the Batak and Tagbanua.
I have, over the years, had more than a dozen blowguns including a few I made myself.