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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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"Someone shot her with a blowgun in my backyard." I thought about adding that it was probably someone in her house but decided to keep that to myself.
The study highlighted three cases where teenage boys inhaled blowgun darts.
Blowgun techniques; the definitive guide to modern and traditional blowgun techniques.
Chacon has conducted fieldwork among several Native American societies in South America, including Achuar blowgun hunters in Ecuador and Yora bow-and-arrow hunters in Peru.
Lime spray and blowgun fire are also being used to disinfect the animal enclosures.
Mike stared at me hard in a way I'd only seen him do once before--when he found a blowgun and two poison darts.
A clear crowd-pleaser at the four-day event was a blowgun videogame by the Kanazawa Institute of Technology where the enemies are a scary lineup of monsters including a vampire, a bat and a club-wielding ogre.
I can't imagine they thought I was going to try to take over a plane with the little blowgun I got from the Embuti tribe in central Africa, but I caused quite a stir on my last trip.
He means the baboon they've selected to be tranquilized (TRAN-kwill-ized), or put to sleep temporarily, with a dart from a blowgun.
Curare-tipped arrows and blowgun darts have aided many native tribes in the Amazon jungles in centuries of successful hunting.
They are also used for blowgun darts, made of the leaf rachis, and for woven baskets, mats and nets.
Not surprisingly, KvP ended not long afterward, and my brothers and I pioneered numerous other household combat sports (floppy diskettes make great throwing stars, and Q-tips taped to sewing needles make even better blowgun darts).
He also developed the Bubble Thing, a ringed spoon to make bubbles "as long as a bus" and the "Huf'n Puf" blowgun, which shot rubber darts.
There are guns disguised as beepers and cell phones, plastic knives shaped like credit cards, stun guns in the form of pens and flashlights, even blowgun flutes and condom garrotes.
In the absence of a butterfly net, tranquilizer blowgun, or Haldol-soaked piece of meat, we're forced to just watch him, bemused, with our fingers in our ears.