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Ms Lynda Maris, professional services manager for Novartis, said: 'Even when detected quickly, blowfly strike can adversely affect wool clip and leather quality, reduce growth rates, increase time to market and cause considerable distress to infected animals.
Mr Worlock added that last year's bad summer was a prime time for blowfly strike incidents.
It is a legal requirement to check all lowland and upland sheep daily and if a sheep dies due to blowfly strike, this could lead to prosecution under animal welfare legislation.
BRITAIN'S sheep are at high risk of blowfly strike - but the danger is not quite as bad as might be expected.
Last year blowfly strike affected approximately 750,000 sheep in the UK on about 80% of farms.
Livestock owners are also bracing themselves for an explosion in fly numbers with blowfly strike likely to soar.
Blowfly Strike (Cutaneous Myiasis) is a serious condition affecting mainly sheep in many parts of the world.
"I'm not getting any younger, so winning the quad is going to make a huge difference to me - and my sheepdogs, who can travel on the back!" Although Mr Evans said his flock has not suffered badly from blowfly strike, he was aware the season was tending to start earlier and last longer.
It has been estimated that sheep scab costs the Welsh industry pounds 2.3m per year, while blowfly strike costs pounds 0.8m in terms of reduction on performance, prevention and cost of treatments.