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Synonyms for blower

Synonyms for blower

a device that produces a current of air

a fan run by an electric motor

large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs no hind limbs, including: whales

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An image of Mr Blower, above, has also been released.
Then order a replacement blower from an authorized dealer or an online supplier (fireplaceblowerhq.
In addition to wastewater treatment, other industries with blower applications that can benefit from the latest energy saving technologies include pneumatic conveying, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp and paper, textiles, cement and general manufacturing.
The Poovak/Canister Leaf Blower Attachment has been manufactured previously and sold successfully in 38 states.
Mr Blower accused the rm of failing to make adjustments to help him cope with his disability - prompting his legal claim for disability discrimination.
In an induced draft system, several blower outputs may pipe to a manifold, which feeds a biofilter, often through ductwork similar to that used in HVAC systems.
6" blower, in standard, enhanced, and high-output, achieves scaled pressure up to 54 in-H20 and open flows to 230 CFM.
Most recently Blower has served as president, CEO and a director of Pitchstone Exploration Ltd, until the company was sold out last month.
1 IPS blower covered in a sandy environment protects the seal from sand and prevents oil gear box leakage.
Tidying your garden has never been easier: a leaf blower, vacuum, and shredder - and at just pounds 79.
Therefore, in a capacity modulated system, the average conditioned airflow rate can be around 50% of the maximum airflow needed at the design load, nominally reducing blower power to 1/8 of the power at maximum flow.
Buffalo Turbine is providing a greatly needed defense tool for these military vehicles with its blower units, which help to uncover these hidden land mines.
One of the jobs for young kids on a threshing ring in the 1940s was running the blower.
Oshkosh Airport Products has delivered two of its H-Series high-speed blower vehicles to Pulkovo International Airport (LED) in St Petersburg, Russia.
Designers can achieve positive outcomes in meeting these requirements by specifying brushless technology for blower applications.