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the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired

misinformation resulting from the recirculation into the source country of disinformation previously planted abroad by that country's intelligence service

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Most blowback semiautos do have an extractor, its purpose is to remove unfired cartridges from the chamber for unloading.
Smaller centerfires and rimfires generally employ a direct blowback action (although some also utilize recoil-operated mechanisms).
Most .380 ACP autos operate as straight blowbacks. High slide velocity seems to increase felt recoil, though on the plus side these pistols tend to be very reliable.
This capped a three-year span in which the country's forces were active in more than 150 countries, carrying out missions ranging from kill and capture raids to terrorist training exercises, wars and coups - with unforeseen blowbacks and catastrophic consequences.
This is just one example of the various reactions that have come out in the wake of HBO's "Leaving Neverland," and it would be surprising if the stations don't experience some degree of blowback from Jackson's defenders online.
For them, the "unity" rally was in fact a march to an all-out war against Syria - where "links" (read Syria war blowback) have been found between the Paris attacks and the ever-growing numbers of CIA-trained ISIL goons and "Jihadi Johns".