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Synonyms for blowback

the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired

misinformation resulting from the recirculation into the source country of disinformation previously planted abroad by that country's intelligence service

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One of the blowback results from this were the refugees/migrants suddenly flooding over into Europe.
"It's a direct blowback action, but the weight of the bolt allows us to do so without having to do anything in terms of a delayed blowback or anything like that."
Hi-Point carbines operate via straight blowback, and the recoil of the 10mm cartridge can get a bit snappy.
While there's a chance that this blowback was, per the very definition of the word itself, unintentional, another possibility also exists.'
Unlike rifle-cartridge ARs, which operate off of a complex gas-impingement system that bleeds gas from the bore and feeds it back into the action to unlock and drive the bolt and carrier, 9mm ARs function via a simpler blowback system.
Conventional submachine guns, from the Maschinenpistole 18/1 to the UZI, utilize a rather simple operating system called blowback, or to be technically correct, Advanced Primer Ignition (API) blowback.
Also relatively unusual is the fact the mode of function is blowback, like what's used with .22 rimfire autoloaders and submachine guns.
There was always going to be a blowback, and now it's happened with the arrival of the neo-Nazi wolves at the door of the Bundestag in the shape of nationalist Alternative for Germany party.
Instead, it employs a delayed blowback system much like the one used in the Benelli design.
'After years of shouldering the heavy lift in Afghanistan and suffering the blowback of an earlier transformational war thirty years ago, Pakistan should not have had to hear recrimination as a non-NATO ally that has given unparalleled sacrifices in life, resources and national trauma to fighting a joint battle against terrorism on the Afghan border.
The bombing-the worst terrorist attack in the United Kingdom in more than a decade-can be described only as blowback from the activities of the United Kingdom and its allies in Libya, where external intervention has given rise to a battle-worn terrorist haven.
It is yet another reminder that the United States, Britain and their rogue allies cannot have a war on terrorism when the bogus war itself is terrorism, particularly their dirty war on Syria and the toxic blowback. Here is some more:
Critique: A deftly crafted and original time-travel novel by a master of this science fiction subgenre, "Blowback '07: When the Only Way Forward Is Back" by Brian Meehl is unreservedly recommended, especially for highschool and community library YA Fiction collections.