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Naturally, the Smart Cap remains an outstanding complement to Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS), which prevents blow-outs by automatically filling-in holes and which has become a standard part of the safety and performance regimen of countless drivers.
Watts said: ``Drivers know that blow-outs are a rarity these days but few people will be comfortable if the option to change a wheel is not available to them.
Fekkai invites current devotees as well as new consumers to try the Silky Straight Ironless line or the Full Blown Volume lines via a complimentary signature Fekkai Blow-Out at Ulta stores nationwide.
In addition to complimentary blow-outs, consumers will be treated to a travel-sized gift with the purchase of two Fekkai products.
We couldn't afford to have another blow-out - it just wasn't worth risking it for the drivers, spectators and cars.
And it has emerged that BA Concordes suffered four "potentially catastrophic" blow-outs shortly after the jet came into service in the 1970s.
The official attributed the accidents to poor attitude of road users, misjudgment of distance between vehicles, tyre blow-outs and ignoring checking the road among other causes.
The main causes of road traffic collisions tend to be driving at speed, not slowing down on wet roads, poor car maintenance, tyre blow-outs, driving under the influence of drink and drugs and a lack of concentration.
A lot of matches seem to go to 18 now ( you rarely get blow-outs.
Under-inflation compounds this, causing friction and added heat which can prove too much for weak spots, causing punctures and blow-outs.
Improper sizes of regrind particles, improper blending of the regrind with virgin, and contaminants in the regrind (paper, cardboard, wood, metal) can change the parison die swell or sag and cause blow-outs, thin-outs, or hot spots.
Each tag is designed to send a warning signal when a tire's pressure drops below its specified safety level, which could cause tire failure, tire separation or blow-outs, as well as shorten tire life and reduce fuel economy.
It seems that when Firestone's management first became aware of the tire tread separation, blow-outs and claims, they were more concerned with their financials than with safety, quality or potential ethical problems.
No muss, no fuss, no cuts, no color, Swink specializes in 30-minute blow-outs for $30 and offers a menu of styles to choose from.