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At the time of the gas release, additional safety precautions were in place as the potential for blow-outs had been recognised more than a week ago.
In the case of a slow puncture, drivers are alerted early enough to inspect the suspect tyre before there's a danger of a high-speed blow-out.
The stand follows five dramatic blow-outs during the British Grand Prix and shredded tyres on other cars.
``Imagine a situation where a blow-out causes wheel rim damage and then consider how the driver will feel,potentially stranded until help arrives from a tyre supplier who actually carries wheels as well.
"We couldn't afford to have another blow-out - it just wasn't worth risking it for the drivers, spectators and cars.
At least 36 people also were injured in crashes caused by tyre blow-outs in the first half of 2016.
Liam Dowling was thrilled with Ballymac Matt's 28.02sec spin last Saturday at Shelbourne and said: "He needed that as he's had only a few blow-outs lately.
Pirelli, Formula One's sole tyre supplier, was under the spotlight in Monza after two high-profile blow-outs at the Belgian Grand Prix.
The energy boom in Australia has led to labour shortages and cost blow-outs, and there's a risk of cost-overruns, but Ichthys is in a comparatively better situation with 75 per cent of the project awarded on a lump-sum basis, he said.
Laid down some 350 million years ago, Devonian dolomite is an extremely abrasive material that can rapidly destroy the tread of bare tires and, at the working face, there is an ever-present risk of sidewall damage and blow-outs as the loader crowds into blasted rock.
* Fewer face blow-outs because thickened emulsion resists flowing into cracks and voids.
The mechanic said: "I've been saving up for ages for this and it's been one of the best blow-outs ever."
A series of dangerous tyre blow-outs at the British Grand Prix two Sundays ago forced supplier Pirelli to rush out a safer set of rear tyres for the Nuerburgring which had an inner belt of Kevlar, a synthetic fibre, rather than steel.
Yesterday also passed without incident with Pirelli's revised tyres after the blow-outs at Silverstone.
Drivers harden stance after union meeting Alonso wary of Silverstone Pirelli test Boycott would not be a first for the sport Nuerburgring: Formula One drivers announced on Thursday they will withdraw from this weekend's German Grand Prix if the tyre blow-outs which marred Sunday's British race occur again.