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At the time of the gas release, additional safety precautions were in place as the potential for blow-outs had been recognised more than a week ago.
In the case of a slow puncture, drivers are alerted early enough to inspect the suspect tyre before there's a danger of a high-speed blow-out.
The stand follows five dramatic blow-outs during the British Grand Prix and shredded tyres on other cars.
``Imagine a situation where a blow-out causes wheel rim damage and then consider how the driver will feel,potentially stranded until help arrives from a tyre supplier who actually carries wheels as well.
"We couldn't afford to have another blow-out - it just wasn't worth risking it for the drivers, spectators and cars.
At least 36 people also were injured in crashes caused by tyre blow-outs in the first half of 2016.
Liam Dowling was thrilled with Ballymac Matt's 28.02sec spin last Saturday at Shelbourne and said: "He needed that as he's had only a few blow-outs lately.
Pirelli, Formula One's sole tyre supplier, was under the spotlight in Monza after two high-profile blow-outs at the Belgian Grand Prix.
The energy boom in Australia has led to labour shortages and cost blow-outs, and there's a risk of cost-overruns, but Ichthys is in a comparatively better situation with 75 per cent of the project awarded on a lump-sum basis, he said.
* Fewer face blow-outs because thickened emulsion resists flowing into cracks and voids.
The mechanic said: "I've been saving up for ages for this and it's been one of the best blow-outs ever."
A series of dangerous tyre blow-outs at the British Grand Prix two Sundays ago forced supplier Pirelli to rush out a safer set of rear tyres for the Nuerburgring which had an inner belt of Kevlar, a synthetic fibre, rather than steel.
Yesterday also passed without incident with Pirelli's revised tyres after the blow-outs at Silverstone.
Drivers harden stance after union meeting Alonso wary of Silverstone Pirelli test Boycott would not be a first for the sport Nuerburgring: Formula One drivers announced on Thursday they will withdraw from this weekend's German Grand Prix if the tyre blow-outs which marred Sunday's British race occur again.