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dry hair with a hair dryer

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5 The most important rule is to use a nozzle on your hairdryer all the time you're blow-drying. "You must, must, MUST do this.
LIFT & SMOOTH: Work front to back, blow-drying sections from underneath to create lift, then from above (focusing the blow-dryer's nozzle down) to really smooth hair.
THIS oil had a pleasant fragrance and a few squirts applied to the length of my hair before blow-drying helped banish frizz and increase shine.
Mist Wellaflex 2 Day Volume Blow-Dry Spray through towel-dried hair before blow-drying with a large round brush.
An experimental device kills head lice by blow-drying them to death, offering a potential alternative to chemical treatments and tedious combing.
There was one lady, her hair in curlers under a blow-drying machine, who looked like she could be any of my classmate's mothers.
It may be spray applied to ambient surfaces (with subsequent blow-drying by compressed air) or simply wiped on with a pure cotton cloth.
A mixture of Greek sunshine, blow-drying and heated straighteners is a harsh combination - so the revolutionary Kerastase KArathermie Treatment which originated in Brazil, sounded just the answer.
GREAT-looking curls can be enhanced by using mousses and gel sprays prior to blow-drying. When blow-drying curly hair leave it slightly damp.
FIFTEEN hairdressing apprentices put their blow-drying skills to the test in a competition hosted by Henley College Coventry's hairdressing department.
Joy McQuillan Guide to perfect blow-drying JOY McQuillan, stylist at Glasgow's Rainbow Room International and Salon Stylist of the Year at the 2013 British Hairdressing Business Awards, shares her top tips for achieving the perfect blow-dry.?
Top blow-drying tips from Dove Hair Ambassador Christian Wood.?
Washing and blow-drying has become beyond a chore, the whole process taking up to two hours.
Before blow-drying, work in a wave-enhancing product--one GL editor swears by Pantene Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Creme ($8, drugstores).