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dry hair with a hair dryer

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Both the CHI and the Revlon blow-dryers come with a diffuser and a concentrator, while the Bespoke Labs dryer lacks a diffuser.
As with blow-dryers, wattage wasn't any indicator of performance; neither were high temperature settings.
Looking for a good blow-dryer, hair straightener or mascara?
While blow-dryers represent one of the most popular areas in personal appliances there are a number of other hair care products that are helping drive sales.
Among the 10 products slated for introduction by Andris this year are five grooming items and five blow-dryers. In keeping with the trend toward value-added merchandise, the company is launching a compact wall-mounted, 1,600-watt dryer which shuts itself off when returned to its cradle.
He cites the introduction of a 1,875-watt blow-dryer in the Sassoon line which is designed to massage the scalp while the hair is being dried.
They heat hair to much higher temperatures than blow-dryers do, remove strongly bonded water, and destabilize proteins, weakening the hair shaft, notes Martin.
"Heat from a blow-dryer and other heat-styling tools activates the moisturizers to replenish and improve the condition of hair, resulting in healthy and more manageable hair," she notes.