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dry hair with a hair dryer

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The cut was fine but I hated the way it was blow-dried. I couldn't wait to get home to sort it out.'
We confess, Nuala, we much prefer your hair blow-dried over your ears.
When the air has a high relative humidity, blow-dried hair absorbs moisture from the air, and the hairdo loses its blow-dried style, says Martin.
Hair is blow-dried smooth with a large round brush.
WHAT'S INVOLVED: A smoothing serum is applied to damp hair and blow-dried.
"It makes it very easy for a dog owner to just bring their pet to a secure place which doesn't cause any stress to the animal and they can be shampooed and blow-dried in minutes.
But it turns out La Brasiliana is a hair salon treatment to tame frizzy curls that perhaps might be seen on the beaches in Brazil into a sleek, blow-dried look.