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Synonyms for blow-by-blow

characterized by attention to detail

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providing great detail

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To follow the blow-by-blow, check out the conference Twitter feed under IMConference09.
Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Robson delivered blow-by-blow NHL hockey reports over the airwaves for nearly thirty years, and HOCKEY PLAY-BY-PLAY captures these moments of fame, blending visuals such as tickets, programs, and Robson's handwritten game notes with 'you are there' surveys of hockey cities, events, and broadcasts from the 1970s to modern times.
The original friend of Dorothy sleeps with Marion Brando and James Dean and gives a blow-by-blow of old Hollywood's decline.
Carefully researched and annotated, the text offers, along with a few maps and pictures, a blow-by-blow account of how the Spokanes dealt with the treaty makers, the army officers, the road builders and the missionaries who came to "civilize" them, convert them, teach them and/or take their land and its minerals.
It's a fun history of the Sox, The Sports Guy, baseball history, and American sports in general, providing a lively set of insights and blow-by-blow seasonal memories.
There is not much on strategy and issues; and still less blow-by-blow.
For a blow-by-blow account of his departure, McDonnell has it all on his Web site (www.
Using eyewitness accounts and blow-by-blow images of the fight, this book is a pleasure for any fan of the sport.
Vinovskis provides a careful, blow-by-blow account of the legislative politics and executive decisions that shaped the program rather than an assessment of those decisions.
The device, called the SafetyCentre, also makes a recording of the trip which can be downloaded on the internet to demonstrate a blow-by-blow account of the driver's performance.
Offering a blow-by-blow report of the Saatchi-driven YBA exhibition, Fraser's "A 'Sensation' Chronicle" should stand as the foundation of a canon for anyone marginally interested in the vicissitudes of the culture wars.
But the kingpins of Big Media--who feed us endless blow-by-blow "news" accounts of the investigations of Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, and Scott Peterson--for some reason suffer from chronic attention deficit disorder when it comes to PSI's investigation of the international mafiosi operating out of the UN headquarters on New York's East River.
One effect of having political disagreement among friends is that both parties tend to be less extreme in their positions and less interested in following blow-by-blow accounts of political issues.
She will not, however, offer a blow-by-blow rebuttal to former counter-terror adviser Richard Clarke's claims that the administration, and she in particular, did not consider al Qaida an urgent priority before the attacks.
His pamphlet describes gay sex acts in explicit, blow-by-blow detail, ostensibly to show how wicked they are.