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a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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This article discusses the venting and blow tube placement parameters for coreboxes used to produce coldbox cores, focusing on horizontal tooling rather than vertically parted coreboxes.
Blow Tubes - Large, straight ID or "neck-down" tubes are preferred for the production of small, light cores.
They do send you a little bottle to start you off, but then there's the working out a 1:50 ratio for a 587ml container, and then you need a funnel, and if you want to suck you have to take off the blow tubes you just screwed on, and then prime this, jiggle that, rip your whole arm off trying to start it, and it's right-handed and I'm left-handed, and it weighs a bloody TON, and it spits boiling air and bits of leaf into your eyes, and it makes your ENTIRE BODY vibrate.
In addition to its ultra high performance features, the new T series design hammers utilize drill bits with standard shank connections that no longer require plastic parts commonly known as Blow Tubes or Foot Valves.
It was then shaped and formed by professional sculptors using compressing techniques, tools, brushes, blow tubes and their bare hands.
The UNItube System is the solution to the problems created by metal blow tubes. The Unitube System is easy to install, cost-efficient, simple to replace, uniquely flexible and totally adaptable.
An integrated database provides the ability to specify the characteristics of the sand and the binder system as well as core box vents and blow tubes gassing.
of Energy, provides 3-D animations that allow engineers to visualize sand filling during core production, locate and size blow tubes and vents and optimize blow parameters and the arrangement of cores on their tooling.
This can include providing seals between the tooling halves, between the tooling and the blow head, or between the blow tubes and the tooling invest holes.
The products include corebox seals, ejector buttons, sprues and pouring basin forms, vent pins, blow tubes, flask liners, runner bars and gates, and custom pieces made from Abra-Shun, a plastic material that can stand up to highly abrasive foundry sands.
Tooling--Keep tooling, air lines, blow tubes and vents as clean and dry as possible.
The pulse valves deliver the high-pressure, 90-100 psi, compressed air to the blow tubes.