blow tube

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a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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blow tube for hail calling sky-high migrators into your spread.
If the old blow tube is too short, you can use 3/4-in.
When the trigger of the unit is depressed, air from a small blow tube dislodges and lifts any chips and contaminants while a larger suction tube vacuums them away.
After all, no self-respecting waterfowler wants to make ducks and geese decoy with an "ugly" blow tube.
Because foot-valve breakages on DTH bit shanks during drilling operations are catastrophic in deep hole drilling--the hammer will cease to function immediately after such a failure--the traditional foot valve, or blow tube component, also has been eliminated in the DH500 shank concept.
Total vent open area and blow tube area, which varied depending on whether the core was "chunky" or "rangy," were established using a supplied formula.
In addition, properly vented tooling with good blow tube arrangements will yield lowerscrap rates.
And because the machine uses vertically parted tooling, sand is blown on the coreprint and no blow tube or vent screen marks are seen on the finished casting, said Witt.
Total blow tube area is critical because the PUA process requires a high core density, with low blow pressures and low sand velocity.
In addition to its ultra high performance features, the new T series design hammers utilize drill bits with standard shank connections that no longer require plastic parts commonly known as Blow Tubes or Foot Valves.
They do send you a little bottle to start you off, but then there's the working out a 1:50 ratio for a 587ml container, and then you need a funnel, and if you want to suck you have to take off the blow tubes you just screwed on, and then prime this, jiggle that, rip your whole arm off trying to start it, and it's right-handed and I'm left-handed, and it weighs a bloody TON, and it spits boiling air and bits of leaf into your eyes, and it makes your ENTIRE BODY vibrate.