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Synonyms for trumpet


blow your own trumpet


Synonyms for trumpet

a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone

proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet

play or blow on the trumpet

Related Words

utter in trumpet-like sounds

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- In chapter six, the Lord tells Joshua to order the priests to blow trumpets of rams' horns and all the people to bellow loudly, causing the wall of the city to fall down flat.
And while we might not gather for Morris dancing on the green, we do sing, play guitars and blow trumpets on street corners.
They belted out fan favourites such as 'Every Other Saturday' and irked the small band of Jags followers, who will be watching their football in less salubrious surroundings next season, with a chorus of the Vera Lynn standard 'We'll Meet Again', thus proving it is possible to blow trumpets with your tongue lodged firmly in your cheek.
Which is often-because there is quite a bit to blow trumpets about.