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come off due to an explosion or other strong force

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Then that launch would give one final shriek of a whistle that would nearly burst the boiler, and she would reverse her engines, and blow off steam, and swing round and get aground; everyone on board of it would rush to the bow and yell at us, and the people on the bank would stand and shout to us, and all the other passing boats would stop and join in, till the whole river for miles up and down was in a state of frantic commotion.
Ah, if only her hat would blow off, and leave her altogether disheveled, accepting it from his hands!
if I had let a cylinder cover blow off through the skylight by my negligence Captain Falk couldn't have been more savage.
We watch Lawrence Phillips blow off practices and Ryan Leaf blow off steam at his general manager and it dawns on us: Somewhere along the way, the court jesters began ruling the kingdom.
One is to blow off steam, get rid of that extra energy; the other is to get entangled but not with the same person you pick for fun
The Calcutta Cigar Club, an ornate smoking room set up in the offices of "24," provides the perfect backdrop for the writers and producers to brainstorm as well as a place to blow off steam after laboring over the scripts.
Sumire is prickly, but likable; she feels trapped in a situation where she needs to marry a man who's smarter, richer and taller than her, and having Momo as a pet allows her to blow off steam.
It can help when you need to brag or blow off steam or tell a secret or even talk behind someone's back.