blow off

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come off due to an explosion or other strong force

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Thanks, Roger, but the article makes it clear that you can blow off those step-downs when on glideslope, but only inside the FAF.
About three or four times a year, my wife and I climb up on the roof of our house to blow off the leaves and pine needles that have accumulated, and as long as we're up there, clean our skylights.
The open-hydrant process, called "blow off,'' is in the Charlton section of the Southbridge public water system, and is meant to keep up water quality to compensate for the low number of Charlton customers and low water usage.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: A booby-trapped car blow off early on Monday east of the holy city of Karbala, aimed at visitors of the holy city, on occasion of the 40th day of Imam Hussein's martyrdom, at the dawn of Islam, expected to take place on Tuesday, wounding a number of them, a security source said.
The system is simple, efficient, uses few parts, reduces Labor and improves air quality in the plant by eliminating the need for employees to blow off parts with hand held air nozzles.
Well I got to wondering, just how much smokeless powder would it take to blow off a person's face when the bomb isn't contained by anything other than the tobacco leaf wrapper on a cigar?