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large usually hairy metallic blue or green fly

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Commonly, the blow fly (Chrysomya megacephala) or bangaw in Filipino, is considered a pest that brings dirt on surfaces it lands on.
Using a single insect larva retrieved from the scene and photographs of the body after it was removed, he identified the common blow fly of the Calliphoridae family.
Do climatic and physical factors affect populations of the blow fly Chrysomya megacephala and house fly Musca domestical Parasitology Research 109: 1279-1292.
During a previous radio-telemetry study, we observed that many juvenile ovenbird mortalities occurred without total loss of the bird; some birds were cached in ground litter or predator burrows, some were only partially depredated, and some mortalities were associated with blow fly infection (Streby et al., 2009), allowing for diet analysis on intact stomachs of recovered birds.
Working with collaborators from France's National Centre of Scientific Research and the University of Toulouse, Mennerat initially tested whether these plants deterred blow fly larvae that commonly live in tit nests and feed on chicks' blood, significantly damaging their health.
* TO CELEBRATE the paperback publication of Scarpetta, the Gazette has teamed up with publishers Little, Brown to offer TWO readers the chance to win a set of SIX paperback books each from the popular Kay Scarpetta series - Postmortem, Body Of Evidence, Blow Fly, Trace, Book Of The Dead, and Scarpetta.
BLOW FLY: Sudden gust gives Victoria a bad hair day Pictures: BIGPICTURES/PACIFICCOASTNEWS; KILLER HEELS: Posh steps out in the teetering orange stilletos
Tryst Williams: Most-borrowed library books and authors for the last year*:Overall top lending author - Jacqueline Wilson (author of the Tracy Beaker series) Overall top lending title - Patricia Cornwell's Blow Fly Top lending children's fiction title - JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Top lending 'classic' author - Georgette Heyer (author of Regency romances), coming ahead of JRR Tolkien, Beatrix Potter and CS Lewis
Jacqueline Wilson, the nation's most borrowed author, is only at number 23, and Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell, the most borrowed book in the UK, is at 96.
Flies live-trapped at 21 fairs generated 154 fly pools (63 stable fly, 54 house fly, and 37 blow fly).
The union has expressed concern at the Government's decision to immediately stop the sale of the non-OP cypermethrin sheep dip, a vital tool in protecting sheep against ectoparasites, such as blow fly.
The most borrowed fiction book for 2005 was Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell.
Patricia Cornwell tops this chart with her thriller Blow Fly, with John Grisham, James Patterson and Ian Rankin figuring highly.
"This one is a Blow Fly," he says motioning to a green disc made by Headrick's Disc Golf Association with the image of a house fly on it.
'Blow Fly 'has all the elements you would like--complex story, vicious killers, and forensic clues.