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For example, in his Acceptance Speech in Denver, the single biggest speech of the campaign, he laid at Bill Clinton's feet the oldest backhanded compliment in the books, thanking the former president "who last night made the case for change as only he can make it...." That's a disguised double insult: it reminds the discerning ear of Clinton's characteristic bloviation, and then of his political failings (when you see Clinton, you're reminded why the Democrats need Obama).
That's partly because other cable news shows have been "larding" their coverage with missing teens, celebs, "bloviation" and fake news while the proudly fake news Daily Show sticks to "super-depressing" important issues.
To wit: We have heard no end of outrage and other forms of bloviation regarding how the seniors of America are being taken to the cleaners by untold hordes of nefarious annuity peddlers who supposedly are seducing America's elders by dangling a free meal in front of them.
Both these books display the features of a common contemporary public discourse that depends on battering its audience into submission by repeating its opinions over and over without pausing to listen or to entertain the possibility that there might be another and informed point of view (is this "bloviation"?)
Negatively--Jim Dickey's bombast, Archie Ammons's tedious bloviation. Positively--to Poe's ideals, to R.
Finding the stone of factor the relief of insight amid the acreage of bloviation takes deadening patience.
This belief, shared even by those who find Fox as reliable as Das Reich, holds that the public is tired of idle punditry, talking-head spin, round-table bloviation. What the people want, goes the song, are facts!
To the injury (far more lethal to Armey than to Frank) now add the majority leader's rambling insult to the intelligence more redolent of Arthur Godfrey than Lawrence Welk: "I went to the press that had the tape and explained to them in the best humor I could that I had simply mispronounced a name and did not need any psychoanalysis about my subliminal or about my Freudian predilections." And on and on and on in an out-of-character bloviation that might have excited the envy of Bill Clinton.
And to top it off, during one single visit to NH, his bloviation includes the following:
Moreover, for Tocqueville, the flip side of the democratic vice of bloviation is genuine oratorical virtue: "I see nothing more admirable or more powerful than a great orator discussing great affairs within a democratic assembly." Tocqueville explains how the democratic proclivity for general notions can enlarge and elevate rhetoric.
Unlike the aforementioned McCain detractors, who are famous for partisan wrangling, nasty personal attacks, and high-decibel bloviation, Dobson is widely respected not only for holding to strong moral and political stands, but doing so in a low-key, high-minded, civil manner.
That's right, although you may not have heard or read about this fact amid all the constant bloviations by the politicians and media about the supposed climate crisis.
Deep down we know that these tweets, bloviations, and untruths, lacking a foundation of fact or logic, will ultimately crumble under the weight of their own preposterousness.
The pollyanna-ish bloviations of the likes of Angeli and Fukuyama have been replaced by works such as Thomas Picketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014), Jerry Kaplan's Humans Need Not Apply (2015), and Tom Wainwright's Narconomics (2016).
He stepped up to the microphone at the makeshift podium we'd erected next door to the courthouse and began his bloviations: