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Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton made a similar statement when she said she took sniper fire when she visited Bosnia in 1996, as did Gerald Rivera bloviating about taking friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2001, and the opening of Al Capone's vault in 1986.
So the next time you see some talking head bloviating about the latest unemployment rate statistics, ask them to explain the total employment figures.
In a Capitol filled with bloviating self-promoters, Walter Jones is a soft-spoken Southern gentleman.
Despite occasional bouts of bloviating about today's society, Identical creates a rounded and realistic world for the reader, told in the smart voice of an observer who notices and remembers the foibles and quirks of the contemporary world.
In the meantime, the secretary of state has been stumbling and bloviating from one crisis to the next, one debacle to another, surrounded by the well-crafted imagery of diplomatic effectiveness.
Acting on an offhand remark by our bloviating fool of a secretary of state, the Russians got the Syrian government to agree to give up its chemical weapons.
It would be helpful if state leadership wasn't so insulated, wasting far too much time bloviating about social issues.
The lead immigrant reflects the Wasp's position on the party's bloviating leader: instead of fearing Kearney's tantrum, he thumbs his nose at the WPC leader, suggesting that Kearney's hysteria was powerless in the face of the determination of Chinese workers to come to America.
Much of Paul's bloviating has been about the Obama administration's response on drone strikes.
You sir are a Grade A, Class One, Top Tier, bloviating BUFFOON.
the yellow banners, the halftime tributes, the bloviating by politicians of both parties--it's so easy for the 99 percent of us who aren't serving in the military to act like we support them.
On May 28th of this year, Mitt Romney spoke to reporters on his "aircraft" about the support he was receiving from Donald Trump ("a bloviating ignoramus" according to Republican columnist George Will, who also commented on "the Donald's" persistent denigration of President Obama regarding his birthplace and U.
You might find the perfect antidote to executive bloviating in 44 Plays fir 44 Presidents, a madcap production first conceived in 2002 by Chicago troupe the Neo-Futurists, in which each president gets no more than two minutes of stage time (it was titled 43 Presidents then, of course).
I am quite sure that all of this bloviating and occasional inaniloquent temperament must mean that he would be in favour of being subjugated by a poneros tulpa - either that or he could move somewhere.