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It's no surprise that Stewart's appearances last week on CBS' "Late Show," along with Colbert's revival of the bloviating commentator who thrilled a nation on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report," made such a mark.
The principal source of the attacks on Rajan was Subramanian Swamy, a bloviating Donald Trump-like figure, who was nominated to the Rajya Sabha (the upper house of parliament) by Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in late April.
We need only recall that the Bolsheviks, socialists who actually made a revolution rather than merely bloviating about it, deployed as their main agitational slogan not "socialism now" or "nationalize the means of production"--they reached the masses by advancing the very concrete "land, bread, and peace," sensibly grasping that desperate workers and peasants were more interested in tangibles than abstractions.
Characteristically bloviating, Jukes represents himself in his letter as far more "indomitable" than he was, "for he felt thus when he wrote" (Typhoon 97).
Economists must engage the world, asserted this unabashed elitist who counted on the executive branch (and not the bloviating, filibustering captives of the special interests in Congress) to act on the facts, and for journalists to shape debate.
Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton made a similar statement when she said she took sniper fire when she visited Bosnia in 1996, as did Gerald Rivera bloviating about taking friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2001, and the opening of Al Capone's vault in 1986.
I thought that was a lot of bloviating. But I don't think so anymore.
So the next time you see some talking head bloviating about the latest unemployment rate statistics, ask them to explain the total employment figures.
Despite occasional bouts of bloviating about today's society, Identical creates a rounded and realistic world for the reader, told in the smart voice of an observer who notices and remembers the foibles and quirks of the contemporary world."Bob Hoover
In a Capitol filled with bloviating self-promoters, Walter Jones is a soft-spoken Southern gentleman.
In the meantime, the secretary of state has been stumbling and bloviating from one crisis to the next, one debacle to another, surrounded by the well-crafted imagery of diplomatic effectiveness.
Acting on an offhand remark by our bloviating fool of a secretary of state, the Russians got the Syrian government to agree to give up its chemical weapons.
* "It would be helpful if state leadership wasn't so insulated, wasting far too much time bloviating about social issues.
In front of Kearney, who appears nearly apoplectic, a stream of Chinese immigrants flows off the ship "From China." The lead immigrant reflects the Wasp's position on the party's bloviating leader: instead of fearing Kearney's tantrum, he thumbs his nose at the WPC leader, suggesting that Kearney's hysteria was powerless in the face of the determination of Chinese workers to come to America.