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the yellow banners, the halftime tributes, the bloviating by politicians of both parties--it's so easy for the 99 percent of us who aren't serving in the military to act like we support them.
I am quite sure that all of this bloviating and occasional inaniloquent temperament must mean that he would be in favour of being subjugated by a poneros tulpa - either that or he could move somewhere.
The solution: "waving buh-bye to a passel of religious fanatics, bloviating politicians, and Larry the Cable Guy.
It wasn't about one or two words Rush said but about days of misogyny and crazy-making bloviating.
Calls for liberalism now coexist with statist dogma, and bloviating populism trumps regard for complexity and hard choices.
While numerous talented memoirists have produced masterpieces of the genre, for the most part memoir allows the author far more leeway than autobiography in pontificating, even bloviating, freeing him or her from the constraint of literal factuality.
These comments had bloggers bloviating about how the shape was retro and cool, a break from the dominant dustbuster minivan aesthetic.
Bloviating on Charlie Rose, this two-bit tyrant announced, "I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime.
Sadly, none of us can turn on the TV without hearing some type of political bloviating about keeping jobs here in the United States, how the economy is in the tank and how small businesses are needed to support and create jobs.
suffers for want of an equivalent to The Car Guys, Click and Clack, or Dave Barry on peer-review panels--jargon vigilantes aided by Lucidity Police hot on the trail of bloviating pedants who have kidnapped clarity and hold it for ransom.
Radical feminists, for all their bloviating and over-intellectualizing about it, really, really just don't like men.
Shortly after the terrorist attack of September 11, many world leaders and organisations started bloviating about the cause of such a mindless act.
Unofficial Republican Party head Rush Limbaugh is Exhibit A, nothing more than a bloviating bully.
Despite our knock-off Homers (the Greek mythmaker, not the nuclear power plant technician) who insist on bloviating sports into cultural symbols with Jungian implications, we care about games because they are played in our backyards, they are part of how we identify ourselves spatially, part of an ancient need for roots and territory and, ultimately, community.
Israeli hawks are still bloviating about how ready they are to attack Iran: Former [Israeli Defense Forces] IDF chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon, widely rumored to be weighing a run for Knesset on Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud list, said last Monday that the military option for an attack on Iran still exists.